Morton Recycling By The Numbers – February and March

Suburban Waster Services has provided us the monthly pick-up tonage of recycling (see below).  This means we are not only recycling this amount each month, broken down by week, but we are also not dumping into a landfill and saving money on the cost of trash. The trash “tipping fee”, that is the cost of dumping each truck load, went up $10 (an increase of one-third of last year’s cost) as of January 1st.  That cost was due to an increase put upon us (every municipality) by the County.

We recycled a total of 12.32 tons in February (an average of 3.08 per week):

February Recycling Amounts for Morton

February Recycling Amounts for Morton, PA

And a total of 13.34 tons in March (an average of 3.34 per week):

March Recycling Amounts for Morton, PA

March Recycling Amounts for Morton, PA

Good job, Mortonites!  Let us keep making those numbers go up!