Bag it, Tie it, Trash it!

Doggy walking in Morton

Dog Fairy walking in Morton

As much as we wish it were true, there’s no such thing as a Doggy doo-doo fairy.  If you own a dog, it’s up to YOU to clean up after it.  Not only is it much more sanitary than leaving a puppy-patty lying on the ground, but it’s also better for your wallet since you are liable for nice sized fine if you are discovered letting your dog use a sidewalk as his own porta potty and not cleaning it up.

So when little Schmoopy Pie finishes his business and before you walk away, remember this important rule: Bag it, Tie it, and Trash it!  It’s super simple and it keeps our sidewalks clean.

If you see someone who has “forgotten” to clean up after their dog, be neighborly and hand them a used bag and gently remind them to Bag it, Tie and Trash it!  It’s up to YOU to help keep our streets and community clean!