Borough Council and Mayor

The current members of Morton Borough’s Council and Mayor are:

Council President, Finance & Law, Public Safety
Mario Cimino

Council Vice-President, Public Safety Chairperson, Community Development, Public Facilities
Michele Roberts

Public Facilities Chairperson, Finance, Community Development
Michelle Miller

Sanitation, Recycling and Public Health, Chairperson, Law and Ordinances,  Liaison to Parks & Recreation
Robert Neal

Law and Ordinances Chairperson, Saniation, Recycling and Public Health
John Miller

Finance Chairperson, Public Facilities, Law & Ordinances

Robert McGrath

Community Development Chairperson, Sanitation, Recycling and Public Health, Liaison to Parks & Recreation 

Keriann Williams

Mayor, Parks and Recreation Chairperson, oversees Police Department
Maureen Piselli

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