Trash & Recycling

Curbside Trash Pickup: Every Monday (except holidays, then pickup is on Tuesday)

Curbside Recycling Pickup: Every Thursday (except holidays, then pickup is on Friday)

Bulk Pickup: Only one bulk item can be collected per week per household. If residents want that picked up a special contact to Republic must be made to 610-265-6337.

PLEASE NOTE: The weight of Trash / Recycling cans should NOT EXCEED 45 lbs.  This is the maximum allowable weight and all Trash / Recycling cans exceeding this amount will not be removed.

THEY WILL NO LONGER PICK UP: Cell phones, computers, TV’s propane tanks or compressed gas containers, kerosene heaters or items containing freon and medical waste.

NO electronics can be picked up.  It is against state law. They must be recycled at select sites during the year.  For a list of local recycling options, please download our Recycling Information FAQ.

For questions or issues regarding the website, please email

Not sure what is considered recyclable or not?
Download the Morton Recycling FAQ
for a list of acceptable and non acceptable items here

(The following is a copy of correspondence sent to Morton Borough residents further explaining the Recycling program)

Dear Morton Residents:

Beginning in the New Year, Morton Borough is starting curbside RECYCLING.

WHY: FIRST, recycling is a key part of any environmentally sustainable community that is concerned with the well being of our children and grandchildren, as well as ourselves. We will be joining the vast majority of Pennsylvania towns with curbside recycling programs.

SECOND, recycling helps to defray the increasing costs of trash removal. Delaware County’s trash disposal fees will increase 30% on January 1, 2013. By recycling, we will be decreasing our trash disposal and saving some of that cost. We will also increase the value of the state recycling grants we can receive by substantially increasing the tonnage that we recycle in Morton.

THIRD, IT’S EASY and IT WORKS! See below for details.

WHAT: Recycling is the separation of trash from other things you use up in your home that can be recycled by manufacturers into new products. In Morton, we will have SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING, which means that everything which can be taken by our recycling hauler can be placed together in a single container- no separating is needed. That makes recycling a snap!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Please designate one or more waste containers for recyclables by affixing the recycling sticker provided in this envelope. Currently we do not have the funds to purchase specific recycling containers for the residents. Enclosed is an informational page explaining what can and cannot be placed into recycling. Recyclable items will include: paper, cardboard, glass, steel and aluminum cans, and plastics #1 through #7. You are asked to rinse out food and drink containers with water before placing them into the cans. You do not need to remove labels. Place your designated recycling cans at curbside after dusk on Wednesday for Thursday collection. IT’S THAT EASY!

WHO/WHEN: Starting January 1, 2013, trash will be picked upon by Republic Services on Mondays. Recycling will be picked up by Suburban Waste Services on Thursdays.

WHAT CHANGES: Trash and bulk trash will be picked up ONCE PER WEEK on MONDAYS. SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING will be picked up on THURSDAYS. Trash cannot be commingled with recycling on Thursdays.

WHY NOW: The contract for trash hauling in the Borough renews at the beginning of 2013. Competitive bids were received from a number of haulers and the lowest responsible bidders were awarded a four-year contract for recycling and trash collection.

We know that this is a big change but it is an important and valuable one for all of us. We are one of only a couple of municipalities in the County that has not had a curbside recycling program. If you have questions on the recycling program, please first check the Borough website at, or tune in to MoTV on Comcast (Ch 10) or RCN (Ch 51) for more information. (Verizon FIOS MoTV coming soon) If you have additional questions or cannot access the website or MoTV, please feel free to call Borough Hall at 610-543-4565, or email

Thanks for your help to make Morton cleaner and greener!

Respectfully yours,